Chairman's Message

PDG Tommy Leung
Forum Chairperson
Lions Clubs International

       We extend our warmest greetings to you from Lions Clubs International D303 Hong Kong & Macao, China and we deem it a great honour and privilege to be given the opportunity to host the 55th OSEAL Forum in our beautiful, prosperous and vibrant city of Hong Kong, China.

       Furthermore, in the year 2016, we are most proud to celebrate our District 303’s 60th Anniversary. Sixtieth Anniversaries, according to Chinese tradition and custom, represent a most auspicious, propitious and important milestone, as well as signal the completion of a full cycle of achievements and experiences. These apply most aptly to our District 303’s 60th birthday! We welcome Lions from all over the world to Hong Kong to celebrate with us all.

       “Celebrate the change” is the slogan of the 55th OSEAL Forum. We abide by the motto “We serve” and strive to do our best to achieve excellence. While we continue to serve the world with great hearts and determination, we embrace changes and meet new challenges with courage, positiveness, pride, creativity and innovation.

       On behalf of all members of Lions Clubs International D303 Hong Kong & Macao, China, may we extend our warm and cordial invitation to you all to join us in November 10-13, 2016 at the 55th OSEAL Forum. We are glad to announce that the Hong Kong Tourism Board has agreed to render her full support to this significant event of the Lions. We are also grateful to her for her generosity and assistance to ensure that every Lion travelling to Hong Kong for the 55th OSEAL Forum will bring home joyful and memorable experience.

       “Unimaginable” , “Vitality”, “East meets West”, “Bustling” …These are just a few words people will use to describe the amazing attractions you will find in Hong Kong. With our commitment and the concerted efforts, we can promise you a distinct program which will make your trip worthwhile. Mark your diary and plan your trip to the fascinating and glamorous city of Hong Kong now. The success of the 55th OSEAL Forum relies heavily on your support and participation. Let us witness and commend together another year of excellent service and hard work achieved by the Lions in the OSEAL family in 2016.

       I earnestly look forward to welcoming and receiving you all at that time.

PDG Lion Tommy Leung
The 55th OSEAL Forum Chairperson